Staff Members
Pastor: The Reverend Dr. Janet A. Hufford
Musician/Organist: Marcia Brannon


Officer Manager: Susan Blakely
Custodian: Cindy Horn
Session Members
Class of 2024: Linda Glenn, Sally Kean, Chuck Long
Class of 2025: Robert Holland, Jean Johnson
Class of 2026: Ken Mathews, Kathy Wallace          
Deacon Members
Class of 2024: Anna Conrad, Tami Conrad, Genie Dixon
Class of 2025: Dave Johnson
Class of 2026: Jamie Bowlby & Melissa Holland
Ministers of Mercy are also assigned to care for those
who have cancer, are shut-in or in 1st 2 years of grief.
Corporate Officers
Clerk of Session: Sally Kean
Assistant Clerk: Jean Johnson
Treasurer: Donald Crawford    
Assistant Treasurer: Ken Mathews
Co-Financial Secretaries: Jamie Bowlby & Chuck Long 
2024 Financial Reviewers: Tami Conrad & Fred Goldstein
Sexual Harassment PolicySexual Harrassment Policy FPCP 2023
Values for First Presbyterian Church: Policy on FPCP Values 2023 03 16 Website version
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