Staff Members
Pastor:  The Reverend Dr. Janet A. Hufford
Office Manager:  Denise Metzger Kelling
Custodian:  Cindy Horn
Nursery Attendant:  Linda Flowers
Session Members
Class of 2020:  Catherine Baird, Leslie Crawford, Roger Cruse
Class of 2021:  Tom Johnston, Sally Kean, Mat Mauger
Class of 2022:  Jim Charles, Nancy Lord, Kathy Wallace
Deacon Members
Class of 2020:  Kathy Russo
Class of 2021:  Jamie Bowlby, Teri Charle, Genie Dixon
Class of 2022:  Faith Harvell, Susan Baird-Rawls
Corporate Officers
Treasurer: Thomas Johnston     Assistant Treasurers:  Don Crawford 
Co-Financial Secretaries:  Linda Glenn & Chuck Long
Recording Clerk of Session:  Sally Kean